The Hiram Key


It wasn't the MP3 that destroyed music, it was Simon Cowell!


Disillusioned by years of the radio playing TV talent-show clones of previous TV talent show clones. The Hiram Key set out to record and play original music that they themselves would like to hear. Music that would be influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lou reed, The Beatles, The Who, The Cure, Placebo, Nik Kershaw and many other real musicians who have probably never visited a Karaoke bar in their lives, let alone given a blow job to an A&R man.


The HK was formed by:

Gary Clarke writes and records all of the HK music.


The live band is made up of:

  • Sean Flude (Killing Miranda)
  • Belle Star (Nosferatu, Lahanya, Partly Faithful)
  • Roi Robertson (Mechanical Cabaret)



In 2014


  • The HK will play WGT 2014 In Leipzig Germany
  • The HK will tour France, Italy, Switzerland, UK & USA (With Strap on Halo)


In 2011

  • The HK released The Album 'Amerikafka' on Echozone & Sony.
  • The HK released three EP's & a Live album recorded at The Slimelight in London.
  • The HK opened for IKON on their European Tour
  • The HK played WGT2011
  • The HK toured Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama in The USA opening for Strap On Halo


In 2012

  • The HK began work on their new album - 'Escape from Tzolk'in'


In 2013

  • The HK released 'Escape from Tzolk'in'
  • The HK  played Curefest 2013 & The Rocket reunion V on September 7th & 8th